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How honesty could be your best cyber security policy!

March 02, 2022 Todd Greenwald
OpTech Insights
How honesty could be your best cyber security policy!
Show Notes

Since a child, we have been taught “Honesty is the best policy”.  Little did we know how important honesty would be later in life when adopting a cyber security plan to thwart a myriad of risks.

In a time where cyberwars are actively taking place around the world, OpTech Insights host Todd Greenwald speaks with industry leading expert Randal Asay  CEO of RCS Secure  about the important trends his team is seeing today in the Security, Risk and Compliance landscape? 

From Continuous Compliance and how you would position the importance of Continual Compliance to the C-Level in any organization to thoughts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Todd as gathering the answers to help build a solid cyber security plan!

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Randal Asay    RCS Secure ,  Chief Executive Officer
Randal Asay has over 20 years of Management/Senior Management level experience in the Retail, Government, and Healthcare industries.  Randal is exceptionally accomplished as an information technology and security management professional with extensive experience in both government and public sectors including professional services, security, regulatory compliance, and retail.  

 Randal has served in high profile, global roles with responsibility for establishing strategy and implementation of communication/security mechanisms and measures to protect highly sensitive and critical data and operations all while being highly client-focused with an exceptional relationship building, program leadership, project management, development, and execution record.

Todd Greenwald    OpTech Insights Host