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Welcome to IT in 2022 . . . 30% Increase in Work supported by 6% Budget Increase? Now What?

April 27, 2022 Todd Greenwald & Justin Griffith
OpTech Insights
Welcome to IT in 2022 . . . 30% Increase in Work supported by 6% Budget Increase? Now What?
Show Notes

As the supply chain in 2022 continues to face disruptions in product availability, labor shortages, and the threat of cyberattacks, IT leaders are now being tasked to increase their workloads by up to 30% this year while only receiving a modest 6% increase in their budgets to complete these tasks according to a recent study! 

Join OpTech Insights host Todd Greenwald as he speaks with industry leading expert Justin Griffith, CTO with StayLinked about how StayLinked's new product Evolve is helping IT leaders quickly and easily integrate new technologies into their existing warehouse management system (WMS), improving productivity and efficiencies. 

Learn why integrating new, money-saving technologies, such as robotics, is no longer difficult, time-intensive, expensive, or risky.   From Optimized Workflows and Intelligent Automation to Time-Saving Technology and Actionable Insights, Augmented Displays and Visual Validation to Real-Time Alerts and Maximizing Efficiencies, Todd will ask the questions that get you the answers your business needs to stay competitive!

Whether you're looking to take advantage of the latest technology without upgrading your WMS or you want to deploy new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to increase productivity and combat labor shortages, this episode of OpTech Insights was made just for you!

To find out more about  StayLinked's new product Evolve, visit https://info.heartland-usa.com/staylinked-evolve 

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Justin Griffith is the CTO of StayLinked and is responsible for driving StayLinked’s overall product roadmap and strategy. A proven leader and a major contributor to StayLinked’s recent global expansion, Griffith joined StayLinked as a technical support specialist in 2004. Shortly thereafter, he implemented the company’s first channel technical enablement program. His close interaction with customers and the partner channel fueled the feedback he leveraged as Product Manager for the next decade, and in 2014, he led the company’s release of modernized terminal emulation, StayLinked SmartTE. In 2017, Griffith conceptualized and directed the implementation of the industry’s first terminal emulation hardware automation framework.

Griffith is regarded as an important voice in the areas of technology adoption and migration, and he has emerged as a thought leader in a market facing the challenges of Android migration and IoT disruption. His guiding principle—to always remember the human element—has reinforced StayLinked’s reputation as an innovator in helping companies move to new technologies and optimize productivity.

Todd Greenwald    OpTech Insights Host